Data Transfer Test

Data Transfer Calculator and Explanation Of Bandwidth Usage ( live streaming )

Streaming Media Bandwidth Usage Calculator
Enter the numbers below to calculate the approximate amount of bandwidth usage required.
Enter Number of Viewers Viewer{s}
Select Bit Rate{s}
Enter the average amount of time you expect viewers to log on.
Example: If your event is 60 minutes the average might be 20 minutes as some people might view 1 minute and some 10 minutes and some 60 minutes.
Bandwidth Required MBs
*After changing any number in the calculator please click the Calculate button to receive accurate bandwidth numbers! If you are running for multiple days simply multiply the Bandwidth Required times the number of days to get the approximate total bandwidth usage.

Video Hosting Prices ( Large Volume here ) –

  • 5 gig Storage

  • 100 Sim Connects
  • 50 GB of Transfer
  • $19.95 per Month
  • RTMP Video


  • 10 gig Storage
  • 500 Sim Connects
  • 100 GB of Transfer
  • $49.95 per month
  • Flash Streaming


  • 50 gig Storage
  • 1000 Sim Connects
  • 500 GB of Transfer
  • $99.95 per month
  • Flash Streaming


  • 100 gig Storage
  • 2500 Sim Connects
  • 1,000 GB Transfer
  • $199 per month
  • Flash Streaming


Simple to use interface – Control Panel is just a matter of – Upload, Generate Code, Publish! See how it works with this video overview

Lets say you have converted (encoded) an AVI or MPEG to an FLV file the size of about 10 MB (roughly 3-6 minutes long, depending on output settings).

Our FLV Hosting Starter Account  offers up to 5 gig of storage space (your file requires 10 MB of storage space so thats well under capacity). Your monthly data transfer rate is up to 50 gigs (50,000 MB) per month.So, each time an end-user watches your 10 MB video clip all the way through from beginning to end, 10 MB of data transfer occurs across your network. If 10 end users watch your 10 MB streaming clip all the way through, 100 MB of data transfer occurs across your network, and so on. This means your one 10 mb file can be viewed around 5,000 times from beginning to end before attaining your standard account limits.

Naturally the example above is for a 10 meg file, so you may need to adjust the numbers to match the settings you intend to use on your account, and how many movies you wish to stream. You will receive an email should your account reach your chosen account limits.

You may need to upgrade your account for additional data transfer and storage options. If you think you need additional data transfer, select the Small Business or Corporate accounts from the outset. Storage space quotas cannot be exceeded. In order to upload more than your storage space quota you will have to upgrade to a larger account. The server will notify by email automatically when your monthly data transfer exceeds a predetermined amount.

The data transfer alert notification enables you to monitor your data transfer. The Current Data Transfer shows you the amount of data that has transferred this month. If you set the Alert Data Threshold below this level, you will receive an Email Alert momentarily.

Please keep in mind that the data transfer email alert notification although sent in “real time”, there may be some time passed before you recieve it.

This means that when you receive the email alert, it is likely that a small amount of additional data will have already transferred.